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Business Setup Services

Free Zone Business Setup Services in UAE

A free zone business setup services in UAE refers to the process of registering a company in a designated free trade zone within the UAE. Maxims helps clients to establish their businesses in one of the many free trade zones within the country. As part of our services, we can assist with the entire process of registering a company in a free zone, including selecting the appropriate free zone, preparing and submitting the necessary documentation, and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

Smooth free zone Business Setup Solutions for Companies

business setup services in UAE

Offshore Company Formation in various jurisdictions

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Maxims provides an offshore company creation service in a number of jurisdictions to assist businesses in setting up an offshore company in UAE. We work with businesses to expedite and simplify the formation of offshore companies so they can concentrate on expanding their operations while we take care of the legal and administrative details. The service typically includes the following steps: Incorporation process, Obtaining necessary licenses and permits, Bank account opening, Registered office and agent.

Company Management and Administration

Businesses may successfully manage their business with the help of our company setup services in UAE and administration solution. By doing so, businesses can free up time and reduce the burden of administrative work so they can concentrate on expanding and becoming more profitable. This service typically includes the following tasks: Record Keeping, Filing of Annual Reports, Corporate Governance, Shareholder Meetings, Payment Processing.

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Corporate Structuring and Re-Structuring

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Our corporate structuring and re-structuring service helps businesses in optimizing their corporate structure to achieve their aims and objectives, which can lead to an improvement in efficiency, flexibility, and profitability. Another benefit of this service is that it can assist businesses in navigating any legal and regulatory obligations associated to changing their corporate structure. The following actions are often included in this service: Assessment of Current Structure, Recommendations for Optimization, Implementation of Restructuring, Post-Restructuring Support.

Branch Registration of Foreign Corporations

UAE corporations can easily open a branch in a new jurisdiction with the help of our branch registration service. Maxims will handle the legal and administrative aspects of establishing the branch, allowing the corporation to focus on growing its business in the new market. This service typically comprises the following steps: Jurisdiction Selection, Branch Registration, Obtaining Necessary Licenses and Permits, Local Representation.

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Establishment of Trusts and Foundations

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Maxims provide our clients with asset protection and long-term financial stability services through the establishment of trusts and foundations. This service is created to make it simple for clients to establish trusts and foundations. Trusts and foundations can offer several advantages, such as privacy, tax efficiency, and asset protection. This service typically encompasses the following tasks: Trust or Foundation Selection, Formation and Registration, Asset Management, Compliance and Governance.

Trusteeship and Foundation Councils

By making sure that the assets are safeguarded and administered in line with our instructions and the applicable rules and regulations, our trusteeship and foundation councils service helps customers run their trusts and foundations more efficiently. So that our client may rest easy knowing their valuables are in capable hands. The following steps are commonly included in this service: Trusteeship, Foundation Councils, Compliance and Governance, Asset Management.

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Corporate Tax Planning

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Clients that use our company tax planning service have their tax liabilities reduced and their tax efficiency increased. By working with us, clients can make sure that their company is set up to reduce tax burden and make the most of all applicable tax breaks and incentives. Customers can save money and increase their earnings by doing this. Typically, this service includes the following actions: Tax Planning and Analysis, Tax Compliance, Tax Optimization, Tax Advice.

Compliance and Risk Assessment

Our compliance and risk assessment service help clients understand and manage the risks associated with their business operations. Clients can make sure that their company is operating in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations by working with us. They can also make sure that they are taking the necessary precautions to protect their company, reduce risks, and maintain a solid reputation in their field Normally, these steps are part of this service: Compliance Review, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Ongoing Monitoring.

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Assistance in Trade Mark and IP registration

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Clients who use our assistance with trade mark and intellectual property registration services can better safeguard their legal rights. With our help, customers can make sure that their trademarks and other IP assets are correctly registered, protected, and that they are taking all necessary steps to maintain their rights. This can help clients to avoid potential legal disputes and to secure their valuable IP assets for the future. This service typically encompasses the following tasks: Trademark Search, Trademark Application, Intellectual Property (IP) Assessment, IP Registration, Ongoing IP Support.

Benefits of Company Formation in the Dubai Free Zone

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✨ Companies registered in Dubai Free Zones can be 100% owned by foreign investors, with no requirement for a local sponsor or partner.

✨ Tax exemptions on corporate taxes, personal income taxes, and customs duties are offered in a tax-friendly environment.

✨ Easier business setup and operation due to relaxed regulations.

✨ Access to a highly skilled and diverse workforce, making it easier to recruit and retain top talent.

✨ World-class infrastructure, including modern transportation systems, telecommunications networks, and state-of-the-art facilities.

✨ Range of business support services, including assistance with company formation, licensing, and administration.

✨ Strategically located, offering easy access to key markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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We offer expertise in company formation and customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of clients.

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Maxims provides a one-stop-shop for free zone services, streamlining the process and saving time and effort.

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Maxims is a trusted and experienced provider of free zone services.

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We provide ongoing support to ensure clients’ continued success, including assistance with any future needs or changes in their business.

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Our cost-effective solutions can help businesses save money while still receiving high-quality services.

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Maxims’ streamlined process ensures a quick and efficient company formation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business setup services can offer a range of services, including choosing the right jurisdiction, drafting agreements, completing licensing procedures, registering the company, providing ongoing support and management services, and more.
To choose the right company formation service, consider the services offered, expertise, reputation, and experience of the service provider. It is also important to find a service provider that is a good fit for your specific needs and requirements.
The cost of a company formation service varies depending on the services offered, the jurisdiction, and the complexity of the setup process. Some service providers may offer packages at a fixed price, while others may charge hourly or project-based rates.
Yes, our company formation services offer ongoing management and administration services to help with the ongoing operations of the company. This can include bookkeeping, tax planning, and other support services.
Offshore company formation is the process of setting up a company in a jurisdiction other than the country where you reside or operate. It is important for businesses looking to expand globally, reduce tax liability, or protect assets.